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07 February 2011

Air Ionizer Circuit

When in atmosphere exists accumulation of negative ions, it has been proved medical, that the human organism reacts favorably. Opposite happens when exists accumulation of positive ions. The lack of negative ions is the main cause for a lot of pathological abnormalities in our organism. Also it can '' clean '' the atmosphere of room from the tobacco of cigarette and the industrial pollution, as dust and exhaust etc, one and the negative ions overlay above in positive the pollutants and the '' neutralizes ''. This is the figure of the circuit; 

It has been observed in periods of powerful storms, when '' they fall '' a lot of lightning, in atmosphere it exists the same sense, one and exists production of negative ions, in enormous quantities. The production of negative ions for us him it makes the above circuit, that is not nothing other than a multiplier of voltage. Thus 230V AC are changed in DC and they are multiplied in + 6500V roughly and via means of R13, they lead in contacts A-b-c-d-e, that is steel spikes (needles of length roughly 3-5cm). The high voltage that exists in the end of spikes, creates continuous flow of negative ions, the phenomenon that it creates and a very lightly blue radiation in their end. Even if the voltage, is high it does not create problem of electrocution (because is small current), but GOOD THEY IS WE DO NOT LEAN IN NO POINT of CIRCUIT, LONG AS THAT WORKS, BUT EVEN LITTLE TIME INTERVAL THAT THIS IS EXCEPT OPERATION, BECAUSE LIKELY THEY IS CHARGE STILL the CAPACITORS. If the circuit is manufactured and try then it will be supposed insulate are well, opened five holes in his side and from there behind are placed the spikes, WITHOUT UNDERHUNG FROM the HOLES.